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Monday, October 25, 2010

6 degrees of seperation - Oliver Reed, Robert Downey Junior and Alan Hermosillo

People look like other people. The obvious family resemblances go without saying, kids will have a look of one or both of their parents, and hopefully not the milkman or Uncle Ian!!! But resembling somebody goes a lot further than family. In fact its an industry as you can hire David Beckham look-a-likes, Bono look-a-likes etc. My Dad still likes to tell a wee story about how somebody once (and only ever once!) mistook him for Harrison Ford!

This all relates to a caricature trade I'm in the midst of with an extremely skilled artist, Alan Hermosillo. He did a fantastic interpretation of Jeff Bridges as 'The Dude" from The Big Lebowski. I was so taken with it I emailed Alan proposing some sort of trade. He sent me "The Dude" and in return I'm creating a caricature of him. Here are two of the sketches I've done of Alan:

Whilst doodling away at this over the weekend Alan started to resemble several people, in fact he looked like a whole bunch of different famous people. Starting with Oliver Reed:

and Robert Downey Junior:
Others include Javier Bardem and Jimi Goodwin (singer with Indie band Doves). Its one of the most fascinating things about being a caricaturist. Recognising resemblances, embracing them and yet retaining a certain individuality. I'll pop colour comparisons on in a couple of weeks once I've taken my crayons to Alan's chirpy visage!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Paintings, some dating back to the last century!

Whilst thinking about what I could post this week I came across my equivalent of The Land that Time Forgot. That is the old fashionned pre-historic creation of pictures with brushes and mediums and canvases, stretching paper and cutting out clippings from newspapers of random celebrities to add to my morgue! Enjoy the following!
Mum and Dad

Phil Mitchell, Eastenders
Sharon Watts, Eastenders

. . . from Goodfellas.

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