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Monday, November 22, 2010

More actors from the archives

It's great fun trawling through old work. My initial reaction is to be critical and pick out the flaws in the proportions of the caricature and the technical aspects of the colour work. However once I've finished beating myself up about my short comings as an artist, I start to appreciate that all my pieces are just part of my artistic journey. A big, hairy cheeseball of donkey-do's I know but it's true!
Anyway this week I conclude my collection of leading male actors, at least the standard action hero box office big knobs.

Check my rugby blog next week for an update, Sonny Bill Williams gets the big nose treatment!


 Will Smith
 Tom Cruise
Johnny Depp

 Russell Crowe
Joaquin Phoenix

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Technicolour Alan and his 'brothers'

Last post saw my caricaturing chum Alan compared to a bunch of famous blokes. I've not quite completed the colour version of his doe-eyed, cherub cheeked mug but here it is along with colour versions of some of his brethren.

Alan Hermosillo

Oliver Hermosillo

Robert Hermosillo Jnr.

And don't forget my Rugby Caricatures, another update on that next week.