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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cricket Caricatures

December has been a pretty hectic month. When I ain't been doing markets I've been doing commissions and when I aint been doing commissions I've been watching cricket! And I'm very fortunate that my good lady wife takes a very keen interest in leather and willow (nothing kinky for those of you with mucky minds!) Anyway, dipping into my archives I've found a bunch of cricketing caricatures from the last time the Barmy Army were being battered by those smarmy Aussie wazzocks! Enjoy these awkwardly styled pieces. I'll have a big update on my rugby blog next week as I'll have more time to doodle during the holiday season - http://rwccaricatures.blogspot.com/

Michael Vaughan

Picky Ronting

Stephen Fujitsu Fleming

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thorndon Fair Caricatures

Had a great day on Sunday at Thorndon Fair, Wellington. Lots of people, lots of atmosphere, lots of sketching!!! Thanks to everyone who was brave enough to take a seat. For those who missed out, I'll be at Frank Kitts Market for the next two Saturdays. And don't forget to check out my rugby caricature blog at:


Monday, November 22, 2010

More actors from the archives

It's great fun trawling through old work. My initial reaction is to be critical and pick out the flaws in the proportions of the caricature and the technical aspects of the colour work. However once I've finished beating myself up about my short comings as an artist, I start to appreciate that all my pieces are just part of my artistic journey. A big, hairy cheeseball of donkey-do's I know but it's true!
Anyway this week I conclude my collection of leading male actors, at least the standard action hero box office big knobs.

Check my rugby blog next week for an update, Sonny Bill Williams gets the big nose treatment!


 Will Smith
 Tom Cruise
Johnny Depp

 Russell Crowe
Joaquin Phoenix

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Technicolour Alan and his 'brothers'

Last post saw my caricaturing chum Alan compared to a bunch of famous blokes. I've not quite completed the colour version of his doe-eyed, cherub cheeked mug but here it is along with colour versions of some of his brethren.

Alan Hermosillo

Oliver Hermosillo

Robert Hermosillo Jnr.

And don't forget my Rugby Caricatures, another update on that next week.

Monday, October 25, 2010

6 degrees of seperation - Oliver Reed, Robert Downey Junior and Alan Hermosillo

People look like other people. The obvious family resemblances go without saying, kids will have a look of one or both of their parents, and hopefully not the milkman or Uncle Ian!!! But resembling somebody goes a lot further than family. In fact its an industry as you can hire David Beckham look-a-likes, Bono look-a-likes etc. My Dad still likes to tell a wee story about how somebody once (and only ever once!) mistook him for Harrison Ford!

This all relates to a caricature trade I'm in the midst of with an extremely skilled artist, Alan Hermosillo. He did a fantastic interpretation of Jeff Bridges as 'The Dude" from The Big Lebowski. I was so taken with it I emailed Alan proposing some sort of trade. He sent me "The Dude" and in return I'm creating a caricature of him. Here are two of the sketches I've done of Alan:

Whilst doodling away at this over the weekend Alan started to resemble several people, in fact he looked like a whole bunch of different famous people. Starting with Oliver Reed:

and Robert Downey Junior:
Others include Javier Bardem and Jimi Goodwin (singer with Indie band Doves). Its one of the most fascinating things about being a caricaturist. Recognising resemblances, embracing them and yet retaining a certain individuality. I'll pop colour comparisons on in a couple of weeks once I've taken my crayons to Alan's chirpy visage!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Paintings, some dating back to the last century!

Whilst thinking about what I could post this week I came across my equivalent of The Land that Time Forgot. That is the old fashionned pre-historic creation of pictures with brushes and mediums and canvases, stretching paper and cutting out clippings from newspapers of random celebrities to add to my morgue! Enjoy the following!
Mum and Dad

Phil Mitchell, Eastenders
Sharon Watts, Eastenders

. . . from Goodfellas.

Don't forget to check my other blog which I'll update next Monday:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman

Next up from my archives I have Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman. I'd scan in my original pencil sketch and colour-it-in on a programme called Art Dabbler on a wee 4 x 3 inch tablet which cost me about 30 quid from QVC at Birchwood Mall, Warrington, UK! I didn't use it for nearly 3 years until the great Kiwi caricaturist Murray Webb showed me just what the thing was capable of. Blimey Charlie, it's amazin' what memories drawings can bring back!

Busy week this week. I'm creating a smiling goat for a business logo, a quirky request though I've had others. Such as a squirrel that looks like the son of the owner of an indoor childrens pay-for-play centre, and a frog that looks like Johnny Depp/Jack Nicholson for a wine label! Of course my all time favourite was Dave Lee Travis in a lycra tiger suit playing MacBeth . . . or did I dream it!

I'm also involved in a trade with a chuffin good caricaturist Alan Hermosillo Ibarra. He's done a great version of jeff Bridges as 'The Dude'
which I'm hoping to swap with him in return for a caricature of him done by me!

And also keeping pace with my other blog:http://rwccaricatures.blogspot.com/

Monday, September 13, 2010

Comedy caricatures

Thought I'd revive this old blog and update it with some of my old traditional pencil sketches. This week . . . 
Robert de Niro . . .
And a colour one from my uni days!!!!
next week for my latest rugby caricatures. And I'll be back at Frank Kitts market on Saturday 25 September.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Some early stuff

I've had a fairly lazy and uninspiring week this week so far as illustrating goes. I've done a bit more on the England footballers illustration but not enough to put up on here yet.

So here's some of my earliest efforts using a graphics tablet and a progam called Art Dabbler from about 6 years ago.

Nelson Mandela

Helen Clarke (Ex NZ PM)

Tana Umaga (All Black legend)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy week for me last week. Petone fair was very quiet for me until about 12ish and then I literally didn't stop sketching until 4pm. Thanks to everyone who massaged my ego with your compliments about my work! And thanks to Joost for the delicious Dutch 'croquet'!!!

Also had a commission from someone for a leaving gift. Included some of the photos I had to work from, then my initial sketches and finally the finished artwork.

So with all of that I didn't get round to doing any more on my 3 Lions (Rooney, Capello et al) illustration. However, below is an illustration of the fella's from Top Gear I did over xmas. Hopefully next week I'll be at a similar finished stage with the 3 Lions doodle.

Until next week


Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello folks

Here's where this week's creative juices have flowed to. The wonders of face book allow me to do each character individually and then phaff(!) about with the composition. I'm still not completely satisfied with John and Wayne's mane's but I'll continue to fiddle. Just young Stevie G. to add on the right hand side being stroked by Fabio (Saucy!) not sure he'll fit though.

Had a break from the markets last weekend but back to it at Petone this coming Saturday all being good weather wise.

Until next week . . .

Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Stevie Gerrard

Stevie Gerrard hasn't changed much the cheeky little thieving scouser!!! I did a colour version of him a few years ago for my nephew, it was just after they'd won the European cup. I've included that this week as I forgot to take my camera to Martinborough fair.

However I have also included a link to a clip I found on You Tube of me. There's some shots of my stuff at the start, then a speeded up sketch at 2.37. I had no idea that someone was recording me. I'll have to get a recording of me doing a few others, drum up a bit of interweb promotion.


I'm taking a break from markets this weekend, but I'll be back at it at Petone on the 20th Feb. And next week I should have the three lions illustration close to completion, a black and white version anyway.

Monday, February 1, 2010

First Post

Hello world!

Okay, more realistic hello mum and dad. And I'm sure my beautiful wife and cute kids will have a peek at this too.

What will follow for the next 60 years or so is a weekly selection of my latest sketches, doodles and caricatures. I've been celebrating people's features (okay giving people big noses!) for a good few years now and thought I best have more of a presense on 'tinternet'.

So let's start with my latest wee project. It's moving a bit slow at the moment what with it being fair, festival and market season at the moment in NZ. However, eventually Rooney, Terry and Capello will be joined by Steven Gerrard to form a promotional illustration, three lions and their tamer type of thing. What with it being World Cup year and all maybe I'll get some work from newspapers and magazines.

Anyways, for my Kiwi cousins I'll be at Martinborough fair this Saturday, peddaling my wares. I'll update next week on where I'm up to with the footy pic and my better caricatures from Martinborough.