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Monday, September 27, 2010

Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman

Next up from my archives I have Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman. I'd scan in my original pencil sketch and colour-it-in on a programme called Art Dabbler on a wee 4 x 3 inch tablet which cost me about 30 quid from QVC at Birchwood Mall, Warrington, UK! I didn't use it for nearly 3 years until the great Kiwi caricaturist Murray Webb showed me just what the thing was capable of. Blimey Charlie, it's amazin' what memories drawings can bring back!

Busy week this week. I'm creating a smiling goat for a business logo, a quirky request though I've had others. Such as a squirrel that looks like the son of the owner of an indoor childrens pay-for-play centre, and a frog that looks like Johnny Depp/Jack Nicholson for a wine label! Of course my all time favourite was Dave Lee Travis in a lycra tiger suit playing MacBeth . . . or did I dream it!

I'm also involved in a trade with a chuffin good caricaturist Alan Hermosillo Ibarra. He's done a great version of jeff Bridges as 'The Dude'
which I'm hoping to swap with him in return for a caricature of him done by me!

And also keeping pace with my other blog:http://rwccaricatures.blogspot.com/

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