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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cricket Caricatures

December has been a pretty hectic month. When I ain't been doing markets I've been doing commissions and when I aint been doing commissions I've been watching cricket! And I'm very fortunate that my good lady wife takes a very keen interest in leather and willow (nothing kinky for those of you with mucky minds!) Anyway, dipping into my archives I've found a bunch of cricketing caricatures from the last time the Barmy Army were being battered by those smarmy Aussie wazzocks! Enjoy these awkwardly styled pieces. I'll have a big update on my rugby blog next week as I'll have more time to doodle during the holiday season - http://rwccaricatures.blogspot.com/

Michael Vaughan

Picky Ronting

Stephen Fujitsu Fleming

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thorndon Fair Caricatures

Had a great day on Sunday at Thorndon Fair, Wellington. Lots of people, lots of atmosphere, lots of sketching!!! Thanks to everyone who was brave enough to take a seat. For those who missed out, I'll be at Frank Kitts Market for the next two Saturdays. And don't forget to check out my rugby caricature blog at: