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Friday, June 24, 2011

Caleb Followill!!! Get back in your treehouse!!!!

I really love drawing beards. Here are a couple of my favourite bearded singers. Caleb Followill and his KoL brothers seem to attract a lot of mixed press, but whatever goes on back stage can't detract from the fact that he's got a cracking Joe Cocker-esque/ Kenny Roger-renian kind of voice. And he certainly can't do anything wrong in the eyes of my wife!!!

Another furry faced warbler I admire is Guy Garvey of Elbow. Not only does he have a luscious set of lilting larnyx but he's also quite a jovial jockey of the discs - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0072q60. Apart from playing an ecletic mix of tunes from past, present and future his irreverent quips between songs often have me giggling like a naughty ninety year old nanna who has just heard a swear. Indeed I've not chuckled as much at/with a radio personality since Dave Lee Travis donned his synthetic all-in-one tiger suit and snarled his way through the title role of Macbeth. The hairy cornflake.

Apologies to Guy for making him look a little too like the love child of Henry VIII and Captain Pugwash! I'll try put in a dash of Chuck Norris and Orson Welles when I crack open my crayons and colour this in.

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